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There's one in every pack. At the front. Take the lead with Chieftain Limited. Featuring aggressive styling an open front fender that offers a subtle nod to Indian Motorcycle's fenders of the 1920s. And the Industry-leading Ride Command system with a seven-inch touchscreen display and 100-watt premium audio system. All fueled by the Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin engine that makes sure that your arrival is announced. Loudly.

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Motor Type: V-Twin, Thunder Stroke 111

Cylinder Capacity: 1811cc

Cooling System: Air Cooled

Performance: 59BHP | 44kW

Transmission: 6-Gear

Dimensions (L|W|H): 2506mm | 1000mm | 1388mm

Wheel Base: 1668mm

Seat Height: 660mm

Dry Weight: 364Kg

Tire Size (FR|RR): 130/60-19 | 180/60-16

Brake System (FR|RR): Dual Disc | Disc

Suspension (FR|RR): Telescopic | Single Shock

Motorbike Photo
Motorbike Photo
Motorbike Photo
Motorbike Photo
Motorbike Photo

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